HybridChart Transforms Critical Care Processes for Arizona Pulmonary Specialists


HybridChart Transforms Critical Care Processes for Arizona Pulmonary Specialists

HybridChart develops customized system to streamline the process of capturing critical care data

hybridchart_logo.png(United States) – HybridChart’s critical care customizations enable Arizona Pulmonary Specialists to accurately and effectively track critical care data within their hospital rounding charge capture software solution.

“We strive to continuously improve the healthcare process to achieve operational excellence, expedite the revenue cycle and generate smart data, and that is exactly what we were able to do with the critical care customizations for Arizona Pulmonary Specialists,” stated Gregory P. Sanders, cardiologist and founder of HybridChart.

The customizations make an otherwise cumbersome and time-consuming process, streamlined, accurate and simple for rounding physicians and their billing staff. Through HybridChart’s automated processes, the practice is able to easily track their total critical care time spent with patients, chronologically sort time spent by physicians, and effortlessly select the reasons for critical care.

“Critical care physicians are paid based on the minutes of critical care time spent with a patient, but data collection for this is tedious and burdensome,” explains Dr. Sanders, “Our system drastically simplifies this process to save the practice innumerable hours of time and help ensure accurate documentation so that claims are not denied.”

HybridChart, an affordable and cloud-based solution, makes the hospital rounding and charge capture process more efficient and streamlined, saving physicians and their staff countless hours in time each year, and allowing practices to focus more hours on delivering high quality patient care.

Arizona Pulmonary Specialists, Ltd. is a multi-specialty private practice with offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Their physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to patients with lung and infectious diseases.

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Karen Cummings

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