Change is a Good Thing


Life is all about Change, it's only when we change that we encounter changes in our life.

-Hermann J Steinherr


Change is a good thing! 

Whether it is professional or personal, sometimes there is an unrecognized need for change. I learned this early in my career as a pharmaceutical representative. I was happy with my paper call sheets as a rep, because they were quick and easy. What I didn't consider was that I spent an inordinate amount of time filling out each sheet for samples and filling in the providers’ names - only to find out they weren’t in that day. Then I had to void out those sheets and fill out another. Instead of capturing a moment like this to actually represent my product, I spent it filling out paperwork – again – to quickly get a signature. What did I accomplish? Nothing!

Another problem I had was with sample drops. Medication samples are highly regulated and if a sample sheet is lost, it can throw off samples’ counts and have consequences. Of course, sheets were lost so then more time was spent trying to reconcile what I brought and who I brought it to.

The iPad came and suddenly everything was digitized. Admittedly, I was nervous about it. It is always a little difficult getting used to change but after a few trials, I found that I could change physicians’ names without needing a new form, the address was already filled in, and the samples were populated.

What did this do? It gave me more time to represent my product and made me more productive!

As a rounding physician, are there ways to save you time and create more productivity? If you're using a paper fee ticket or face sheet to round and capture charges, there are! Watch our demo to learn more.

Julie Watters

Written by Julie Watters

Julia Watters has been in the medical industry for over 20 years. She is the customer acquisition manager for HybridChart.


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