Hospital Discharge Management

May 11, 2015

Patient Discharge
Time to have an effective hospital discharge management workflow in your practice with HybridChart. When you discharge patients from the hospital, it's important you have a fluid follow-up process. This will ensure your patient gets the treatment they need. With HybridChart's intuitive discharge management system, now rescheduling patients for follow up is simple. Now your patients can receive timely follow up visits. Scheduling staff back at the office now are able to easily participate in scheduling follow up visits for discharged patients.


  • HybridChart has consistently helped our doctors and billing staff stay on task. We have seen around a 10% increase in... Read More →

    TJ Boyd

    TJ Boyd

  • We’ve been using HybridChart for over 5 years. HybridChart has helped us keep a tight lid on rounding charges. On... Read More →

    Kenneth A. Ashton, M.D.

  • Our main struggle before Hybrid Chart was keeping track of our productivity. Capturing ever single diagnosis in every single hospital... Read More →

    Omar Gonzalez M.D.

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