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Saving Trees, One Physician at a Time…

August 25, 2016

Or are we saving physicians, one tree at a time?

If ambulatory healthcare providers providing hospital services in today’s tough economy and brutal insurance market think they can succeed, or even compete, without eliminating the paper and time that their current hospital charge capture and census management systems waste – they are going to fail. 

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The Expensive Reality of the Paper Charge Capture System

August 18, 2016

Is your process causing you to miss charges or spend money on additonal steps?Wondering if your mobile charge capture is saving trees...or physicians?  

We created this comparison to outline the time, steps and room for error in the old fashioned paper system, compared to the streamlined mobile charge capture system.  

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Calculating the Return on Investment with HybridChart

August 11, 2016

Looking to improve your revenue cycle?  One of the most powerful benefits of HybridChart is the nearly immediate and obvious return on your investment.  Don't just listen to us! Here are two of our valued clients sharing the impact HybridChart has had on their practice.  

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Effective Hospital Rounding and Provider Satisfaction Tips

August 4, 2016

Hospital rounding and provider satisfaction.  These words do not often go together. Providing care to hospitalized patients has become increasingly burdensome, with so many demands placed on providers, patient care seems to come last. And typically the efficiency of your rounding will impact your overall provider satisfaction.

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The Secret to Significantly Impacting Hospital Readmission Rates

July 28, 2016

There are many different reasons why hospital readmissions occur, including incomplete discharge planning, a lack of follow-up, or a patient having difficulty adhering to medication regimens after leaving the hospital. 

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  • HybridChart has consistently helped our doctors and billing staff stay on task. We have seen around a 10% increase in... Read More →

    TJ Boyd

    TJ Boyd

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    Kenneth A. Ashton, M.D.

  • Our main struggle before Hybrid Chart was keeping track of our productivity. Capturing ever single diagnosis in every single hospital... Read More →

    Omar Gonzalez M.D.

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